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Mother Earth Creationz

Yemaja 🌊

The Mother Earth Creationz Yemaya candle is a powerful tool for invoking the nurturing and protective energy of the mother goddess Yemaya. This candle has been carefully crafted with charged essential oils, including cinnamon, basil, and jasmine, to create a soothing and uplifting aroma.

The addition of cowrie shells, seashells, and pearls further enhances the connection to the sea and its symbolic representation of the divine feminine. These natural elements provide a sense of grounding and stability, allowing you to fully connect with the energy of Yemaya.

The candle is also adorned with beautiful Jasmine flowers, which add to the visual and aromatic experience. Jasmine is known for its ability to promote love, sensuality, and relaxation, making it the perfect addition to this candle.

Whether you are seeking protection, guidance, or simply a sense of comfort, the Mother Earth Creationz Yemaya candle is the perfect tool for tapping into the divine energy of the mother goddess.