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Mother Earth Creationz


Mother Earth Creationz Oya candle is a beautifully handcrafted candle that contains a powerful combination of natural ingredients and crystals to invoke the energies and powers of the African Goddess Oya. This candle is created using essential oils, red sandalwood chips, dragons blood, and myrrh herbs, which have been carefully chosen for their properties that are believed to enhance spiritual energy, balance, and protection.

The addition of amethyst crystals further amplifies the energetic qualities of the candle, as amethyst is known for its ability to promote tranquility, spiritual growth, and protection. The candle is designed to be used in spiritual practices, rituals, or for personal use, to help invoke the energies of Oya and bring about the desired intentions.

Oya is a powerful African goddess associated with the elements of wind and storm, transformation, and change. She is believed to possess the power to clear away negative energies and bring about positive change and transformation in one's life. The Mother Earth Creationz Oya candle is an excellent tool for those who seek to connect with the energies of Oya and utilize her transformative powers to bring about positive change and growth in their lives.