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Mother Earth Creationz


Mother Earth Creations' Goddess Oshun candles are a beautifully crafted product designed to honor and invoke the energy of the goddess Oshun. Each candle is carefully handcrafted with love and intention, using only natural and sustainable ingredients.The candles are infused with essential oils derived from sunflowers, which provide a bright and uplifting scent to fill any room. Sunflower petals and seeds are also incorporated into the candles, offering a natural and visually appealing touch. Additionally, cowry shells are included in each candle, as they are often associated with Oshun and are believed to have spiritual significance. One of the most unique features of these candles is the inclusion of a bumble bee. Bees are often seen as sacred creatures and are associated with Oshun, who is also known as the goddess of honey and bees. The bee serves as a symbol of the connection between humans and nature, and adds a beautiful and meaningful touch to the candles. Overall, Mother Earth Creations' Goddess Oshun candles offer a powerful and sacred way to honor the goddess Oshun and connect with her energy. The use of natural ingredients and intentional craftsmanship make these candles a truly special addition to any spiritual practice or space.