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Mother Earth Creationz

Money Manifest 💰

Mother Earth Creationz Money Manifest candle is a unique and handcrafted candle designed to help you attract wealth and prosperity into your life. This candle is infused with a blend of essential oils and herbs, including Lakshmi Resin herbs, Dill, Alfalfa, and Jasmine flowers, all chosen for their powerful properties in attracting financial abundance. Additionally, this candle contains real pieces of a $20 dollar bill, as well as Amazonite crystals, adding a special touch to its manifestation properties.

The inclusion of real $20 dollar bill pieces in this candle is intended to symbolize the financial abundance you desire to attract into your life. It is believed that the energy of the money will combine with the energies of the herbs and crystals to amplify your intentions for financial success.

Amazonite crystals are known for their ability to attract wealth, prosperity, and success. They are believed to enhance confidence, courage, and clarity, which are essential qualities for achieving financial goals.

The Lakshmi Resin herbs used in this candle are associated with the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity, Lakshmi. These herbs are believed to bring good fortune, abundance, and financial success.

Dill and Alfalfa are two additional herbs used in this candle that are also known for their ability to promote financial stability and success. Dill is said to promote financial stability and success, while Alfalfa is believed to attract prosperity and abundance.

Finally, the jasmine flowers used in this candle are known for their sweet fragrance and calming properties, which can help to create a positive and peaceful mindset conducive to manifesting wealth and abundance.

Handcrafted with care and attention to detail, this candle is made with high-quality essential oils and herbs. It is perfect for anyone seeking to attract greater wealth and prosperity into their lives. The addition of real money and Amazonite crystals make this candle a truly unique and special tool for manifesting financial success. It also makes for an excellent gift for loved ones who are looking to attract financial abundance into their lives.