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Mother Earth Creationz


Introducing Mother Earth Creationz's new Clarity Candle, a beautifully crafted aromatic masterpiece designed to help you achieve mental clarity and confidently navigate life's decisions. This enchanting candle combines the soothing energy of Selenite crystals with the invigorating essence of orange peel, coltsfoot herbs, and cinquefoil herbs.

Selenite crystals, known for their purifying and balancing properties, work harmoniously with the zesty fragrance of orange peel, offering a refreshing and uplifting experience. Coltsfoot herbs and cinquefoil herbs, carefully selected for their traditional associations with clarity and wisdom, infuse this candle with a sense of grounded insight.

Illuminate your space with the Clarity Candle from Mother Earth Creationz and let its soothing flicker and captivating aroma guide you towards a state of clear, purposeful decision-making. Embrace the tranquil wisdom of nature and find the answers you seek with each gentle, candlelit moment.